Monday, July 2, 2012

Anniversaries, Pirate Babies, and Birthdays. Oh my!

This weekend was all  about celebrations. Friday night, Jason and I, toasted to five years of knowing each other with some of the pals that were there the first night we met! Since the bar/grill we first met at is now freaking closed, we decided to hit up happy hour at an old jaunt of ours when we first starting dating.
Very blurry and a few people down after stop #2. A great time, anyway
It was a very chill evening (a lot more tame than when we met five years ago!) but a great way to end the work week.

Saturday was spent honoring the lovely Krystal, her hubs and baby to be, Cannon. They had a co-ed baby shower at a fun bar in South Tampa (a bar I was at just last month for an eighties party!). At first I thought a bar seemed kind of odd but honestly for the theme they went with, it was per-fect! And a freakin' blast, ya'll.
Pirate Party!

 Boys Chugging Contest

Why yes, I did win the chugging contest. I am one classy chick

Momma to be!!
Lauren and I
After some day drinking, we were ready to pick up Gigi from the parentals (they dog sat so we could stay out late Friday) where we discovered she has a taste for...Lamb.
Then the bestie and I saw Magic Mike. Honestly the acting wasn't anything great and the plot somewhat dragged at times, but hot damn if there wasn't some eye candy in that movie. I'd see it again just for Channing. Also, it was cool to see parts of Tampa Bay in the film.

Sunday, we hightailed it to St. Pete Beach for a friend's birthday. Sadly no pics of the birthday girl were taken but I did get some good ones with a few other friends. And of course my adult bevvy's!

Jason's drink

I'm exhausted today but a great weekend was had and I wouldn't change a thang. How was your weekend!?


  1. Had a blast at the shower, baby shower at a bar=best idea ever :-)

  2. Hahahahah I think baby showers at bars should be the new thing. Everyone wins! ;) How cool was it there was NO ONE else there, it was like a private partay!

  3. So glad you had a great weekend. And that we are book swap partners! I can't wait for our coffee date. Let's text this week about books and when we can meet up!


  4. How fun is that?! The baby shower looks like such a blast, and I'm proud of you for winning the chug contest ;)