Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blogger: The other "B" word

Question: Do your non-blogging friends act like the word "blog" is a bad word?

I know this may sound silly but for realz I get some very different reactions from family and a few friends when I mention my blog. Like its a bad word or something. What the hell is that about? (on the flip side, some friends that don't blog think it's great that I do and for that I thank you for your understanding of me and I love yous!)

My momma is one of my best friends and we are very close but when she says, "blog", she says it with a certain tone. Some of my siblings tease me about having a blog, as well...

Sometimes I invite a group of friends out and merge my friends. If you want to label it then it's my what...? My normal friends vs my blog friends? What the eff....can't it just be my friends? Some of my friends who do not blog don't want to come out if I'll be with my blog friends. I don't think its because we blog so to speak but because we are a little group and sometimes that can be intimidating to someone. That, I get. The connotation and emphasis on the word blog is what pisses me off.

Look people, I've met some awesome FRIENDS in the BLOG world. Both in real life and online. Some of the bloggers I have met I can relate to more than some of my other friends.

We don't sit around on our computers when we're together just blog, blog, blogging away like I imagine you all must think to say blog  like you're saying bitch another "B" word.

When we get together, we do the same things I do with everyone else: happy hours, dinners out, movie dates, game nights...shall I go on?

Even hubs has met some of the blogger husbands and made friends with them. Oh no, more friends, what shall we do?!

Basically I am slightly annoyed and hurt by those close to me that make fun of my hobby, if you will. Yes, I guess blogging is a hobby of mine. I'm not a great writer (nor am I trying to be!) but I do enjoy getting my thoughts out. Its theraputic for me. I've met some great friends along the way.

So yes, I am blogger. If that makes me weird, that is now your problem. I'm done caring what the rest of you non-blogger haters think about it.

That's all I got for today.



  1. The blogging world is different and for people that don't understand it think it is weird. And when they make a judgy comment I throw it in their face with how much I make and all the free stuff. I know, so bad, but seriously, I love blogging and the blogging community.

  2. I have some friends/family members that think that blogging is weird and probably geeky, and it kind of sucks that they think that way! Oh, well if they think that way, so be it! They're missing out and truly don't understand what it's all about. So, I totally understand where your coming from!

  3. Haha I so agree, although most of my friends think blogging is prtty cool my hubby at first thought having "blog friend" was kinda odd! At least he met you all in person now ;-) haha I don't think it's weird at all!

  4. This is going to sound silly but only my very very close friends know that I even have a blog. It's not on my personal facebook and honestly, I can count on one hand how many people who know me in real life know I have a blog. I'm not sure what it says about me but the reason I don't share with the world is basically because I'm scared of this happening to me too. I feel like maybe some of my friends might not understand or make fun of me. Like I'd feel silly for the whole thing. So thank you so much for sharing. Maybe my fear is justified a little.

  5. You tell 'em! haha But this is so true, whenever anybody asks what type of hobbies I have, or what I enjoy doing in my free time, I am hesitant to reply with "blogging." They always respond with, "you blog?" like it is a bad thing... They just don't get it, and it is not anyone's fault but theirs. :)

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  7. When my non-blogging friends and family think of "blog", I think they think online forums, chatrooms (circa 1999), and meeting strangers. My husband asked, as I was looking at someone's wedding blog, "Why do girls like to blog??". That's a loaded question! I mean, I blog to get out the things people around me don't understand. Were I not able to get out the sarcasm, I probably would've exploded after 3 years in this place. He knows this and that's what I tell people when they ask why I blog.
    I also think it takes a special kind of type-A person to blog well and blog regularly. I know so many who just stop blogging or apologize every other month for not being around.

  8. You my husband teases me mercilessly about the blog world! Oy! Then I Get sweet packages in the mail and he understands. Preach it sister!

  9. Just shake it off Nichole! I'm sure part of the stigma stems from the fact that EVERYONE seems to be blogging. And that EVERYONE wants their voice to be heard and followed. Not in the good way that can change people, but bad that they just want to force opinions on you. Unfortunately, those people are the loudest in any community. But you are now showing your friends and family the error of their ways that not everyone is like that and that there are some damn good blogs out there =)

  10. Only my father has expressed distaste for blogging, but he has admitted that it's a good way for me to keep my writing skills sharp, since he knows I love to write. He also reads my blog, so I think his "distaste" stems more from the fact that he's an old fart who hates the internet. ;-) Either way, it doesn't bother me. I love it, and have "met" (so far, only online, not in real life) some really cool people.

  11. My mom seems to think I use my blog to talk about her online... same thing with my fiance. It's like they think it's the modern day burn book or something.

  12. Yeah, people who don't blog just don't get it. They always ask "what do you write about...is it a diary" and it's hard to even explain.