Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quick, Quick UPDATE

Helllllo lovlies!!

While I am glad to be a contributing member of socitey again, I'm getting my ass kicked a bit. When I am done training for my new position, I'll be oh so close to home (like six miles, close)...HOWEVER, while I am in training I am beyond far from home! The office site is twenty six miles away, which is around an hour to an hour, fifteen minutes ONE way! So needless to say, I'm wiped by the time I get home; and we are only on day two. Oy!

I also get ZERO reception/service on my phone until I leave the building so I can't facebook/twitter/blog or email ::Sigh:: These are first world problems, I know. Boo freaking HOO.

But while I'm sure no one is wondering, "Hey, where is Nichole?", I feel like I am out of the loop because I love reading up on what all my blog pals are doing, and I have no time/service at the moment to do so!!

I'll be back soon, I hope. How the heck are you all, by the way?!

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  1. Congrats on the new job!!! And at least when you are out of training you will be SO much closer to home :)

    You are definitely missed and I'm hoping that you will have reception at the real location!

  2. We def miss you around here! Glad your long commute will be over soon :-)