Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Totally Rad 80's, BABY

One of my most fave chickies in the entire world, Christina, is coming home Memorial Day weekend to celebrate her big 3-0, ya'll. Since she was born in the eighties, we're going ALLLL out and dressing up like the 80's, ya'll.

It's going to be totally tubular (sorry, couldn't help myself).
I'm not too sure yet what all I am wearing but I have found quite the inspiration on pinterest

Fact: I have very thick, naturally curly hair (which gets a Keratin treatment every 3-4 months and yet I still need to flat iron it, every day) that is beyond per-fect for the 80's


Source: Thecomfortzonediversity via Kelly on Pinterest

Source: Yahoo Images via Laurelee on

Oh, the clothes!

Source:Pop Eighties via MaryKay on Pinterest


Lisa Turtle!

...and since I love me some photo booth fun (and I love Etsy), I'm getting these babies for the party bus!
Kitty Dune Cuts



  1. I love 80s parties!! That will be a blast! You'll definitely have to share pictures!

  2. Ohhh I love 80's themed parties! Hubs and I went to one and I crimped my hair, woke a jean shirt, neon pink leggings and a neon orange top(along with blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick) haha :-)

  3. yes! sounds amazing! i am coming over this weekend to join you :)

    ...i always joke that my BIG hair was made for the 80s. I was just born a little too late i guess. and there is NO shortage of neon in stores right now...can't wait to see your outfit.

  4. AAAAH I want to be in town to help you get ready! Ha that weird?

  5. You are gonna have SO.MUCH.FUN! I'm more than a little jealous! But I plan on living vicariously through the pics you will hopefully be posting afterwards, haha! (ok, that was creepy I know!)

  6. Oh the eighties, I was a teenager then. I remember the clothes, hair, the music. I was a total obsessed madonna freak. Love your pins, go have a blast.

  7. okay I still say TUBULAR... LOL

    You MUST go with the hair tie like Madonna's classic picture, and you must wear the fish net tights and fish net gloves!!! What a blast you guys will have :)

  8. Can I just have your closet? If it's anything as cute as these pins, then you must have the BEST clothes!