Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Updatin' {Phone Fun Monday}

What.a.weekend! I love working weekends at Cross Creek Ranch, and I'm not out late in the day but I'm so  not used to working on the weekend and then running out with friends afterward like I had the entire day off. I know I sound whiny but I'm just tired is all! But a (mostly) great weekend was had...

Friday night I walked a 5k with the bestie. Afterwards, I came home to these "bunnies", since J was babysitting our niece and nephew

Saturday, I worked (but forgot to take photos!) came home and cleaned up the mess that was our niece and nephew before making myself an Irish coffee in honor of St. Patty's day! I really do have some Irish in me, but doesn't everyone on this day?! Love it.
Don't hate on my chipped Penguin mug. It's my fave and I've had it for years

I needed that coffee before we went out for the night! We started at a dive bar close to home. I was ready to leave pretty early on, but more of our friends kept showing up so we stayed and never made it anywhere else. There was some drama with a friend (doesn't someone always get a tad too tipsy and ruin the event for everyone else?) and so the night was unfortunately cut short. But minus that  ish, a good time was had by all!

Miller Lite that was dyed; not actual Guinness

The Guinness came shortly after, yuck

Hubs and I in our green glory
My "dude" in his green get-up

Sunday, I worked my booty off at another wedding:

Yes, I was on the ladder again. I'm getting pretty good at this...

Pink & Green (it was so pretty!)

Candy Bar

...and I didn't help set up the tables for the reception, but I had to share because I loved their design!

After work, I hightailed it home. Took the world's fastest shower and then hubs and I were on the GO! We were celebrating his birthday with his side of the fam. We drove to Universal in Orlando and saw the Blue Man Group. It was SOOO fun!

Have you ever seen the show??

Happy Monday!


  1. Saturday was very fun. Next time though, smaller group and better food LOL! Love you stinky sister!

  2. That wedding looks gorgeous! Love the green you both wore too so cute :-)

  3. I loved Blue Man Group! David took me there a while ago. (I can't remember the occasion) I was so scared of being picked!

  4. Those are some awfully cute bunnies you got to come home to!

  5. OMG! I loveeee this weeding! SOOO pretty! I am now following! ;) Have a fabulous day!