Monday, March 5, 2012

Life...Updated (Random Ramblings)

Happy Monday, kids! I've been surprisingly busy for a girl who is unemployed! Though I guess I now DO have a part time job so I'm not a complete hobo, anymore!

Thanks to the lovely EmileeI was hired to help set up weddings at the venue where J and I were married. Obviously, its only when there are  weddings (Fri-Sun), but its experience in the field I ultimately want to be in and I'm getting paid for it, so how could I not be happy?! Its just a small foot in the door, but I took it and am not looking back.

Let me tell you though, it is a lot of manual labor! Its weird being on the other side in the sun and heat on a ladder hammering things into a wood wall, wiping down ceremony chairs and hanging lanterns. Ya'll, I am not handy by any means (nor do I honestly ever recall climbing a ladder) and yet this past
Friday and Saturday, there I was hammering away attempting to act like I knew what the hell I was doing...I don't think I fooled anyone, but no one said otherwise so we'll go with it. I had a blast even if I was sore. I'm so excited for the opportunity!

{From our wedding: you don't think about the fact that someone had to hang this stuff up...until it's YOU!}
I still need a "real" full time job soon. I have a few months left of severance pay, but not working makes me uneasy about the future and that is a feeling, I hate. Though I have become accustomed to my unemployment status and free days. I don't seem to have any problem finding things to do around the house and making lunch dates with friends. It's been nice, but I actually miss a routine (though once I get a ft job again, I'll bet I change my tune).

I've been sick for a week now. It started last week and got worse. Then it got better. Then I worked and seem to be worse, again. Something is going around and a lot of people are sick. I just want to be better. When I'm sick, I either don't eat a lot or I eat crap (like ice cream and and I have zero energy. It sucks.  I plan to veg today so hopefully I can feel human again.

Remember when I threw my sister a Breakfast at Tiffany's style bridal shower? It was featured on Truly Chic Inspirations Party Page. Go check it out, here!

The spouse's birthday is next week...I have NO clue what to do for him...he hasn't given me any ideas, yet so I'm kind of waiting...but I feel like a bad wife for not having any ideas yet...suggestions?

That's all I got for today. Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!


  1. Super exciting,being an event planner is def hard work but soooo fun :-)

  2. Congrats on working as an event planner! I also loved your sisters bridal shower pictures!

  3. I'm a new GFC follower! Would love a follow back. ^_^

  4. That sounds like a fun job! I'm a little jealous. I think I would rather do something like that part-time rather than have a full-time job!

  5. You had me fooled. You did a great job. It was fun having you there :)

  6. I want to work on weddings too! It is one of many things I would love to do that I probably never will. Congrats on the pt job!

    For the Hubby...what does he like to do? If he loves fishing...maybe rent a charter boat. Or just pack up a cooler and take him to a pier (just make sure you can fish there and see if you need a fishing liscense..Walmart has them). Or you can do a dinner cruise, or pirate ship cruise on Clearwater beach. Take him to a concert, or out drinking. If there is something he loves..and you don't. It would be a great gift to suck it up and do it with him. ; )

    I am pretty awesome at coming up with Bday ideas for my Hubby. Hope that helps. Feel better Love!