Friday, March 9, 2012


Eleven months ago today, and I became a wife. Ya'll WHERE has the time GONE?!

One year ago today and I was:

Getting ready for my bridal shower (give or take a few days)

{Sister/MOH and I}

{A replica of our save the date...on cake!}

Freaking the heck out about our wedding and making sure everything was done

Things like seating charts, rsvps, (oh, the music...)
Last year this time, I started to forget things. I can remember walking around our local Publix grocery store on the phone with my mom and completely forgetting how or why I was there. Ya'll, I pride myself on remembeirng everything and yet I couldn't even recall what I was at the store for?!

Weddings can be so stressful. You want everything to be perfect and don't want to forget a thing.
But after the wedding, comes the real work: The marriage.

Fast Forward one year:

I am unemployed
We have a furbaby and are seriously considering furbaby numero dos
I've had fights and thoughts with/about  my new husband that I never dreamed I'd have
I've also fallen more in love with him (and I didn't think that was possible!) through these things

I still have my freak outs about life and overreact but I think I'm the most calm I have ever been after working through things with Jason. I'm sure he would disagree but I feel a lot more chill than I have in the past about...everything in my life
The ONLY thing I would have done different a year ago is...RELAXED.
I (like so many brides to be) caused so much unnecessary stress to myself (and everyone around me) towards the end of our planning
The other thing (okay, so I have two things) I would have done differently was a "first look" with Jason. He didn't want to see me until the ceremony; but looking back with everything going on, a few minutes alone with my groom before it all started would have calmed my nerves (I was nervous to be in front of everyone walking down the aisle) and given us a moment that we wouldn't get alone until our honeymoon (where we were exhausted and slept mostly the first two days!)

Here's to us, Jason! I love your face and can't wait for whatever the hell life has to offer!

{Clearly, I make ridic faces}


  1. Your wedding was seriously an amazing day :) I've been thinking about it as the 1 year mark approaches. You're a lucky girl! LUMI <3

  2. How awesome, the first year def flies by so quickly! Did you get married at Lange Farm? Looks familiar :-) Your bridal shower cake was so cute too!

  3. ohh I love the wedding pictures!!! I got married at the Lange Farm in 2009! Congrats girly!

  4. Happy 1st Anniversary! We'll be celebrating ours next month! Crazy how time flies so fast!