Thursday, February 23, 2012


Sorry I haven't had a real post about anything recently. I'm kinda in a funk with this whole unemployment thang. Three weeks ago and I was stoked to have all this time to get things around the pad done. I also said I was going to go to the gym for hours since I could.

Fast Forward...

Welllll, I've gotten some  things around the house done. I've organized my closets, finally hung wedding photos (that my mom gave us for Christmas) and gave the dog more baths than she ever had before I was unemployed, lol. I've gone to the gym sporadically and made lunch dates with friends since ya know, I can.

But I'm not good with this whole free time thing. I love to stay busy and not having real stuff to do bores me; and then kinda bums me out to the point where I don't want to do anything. It's a vicious cycle, ya'll. I mean I have worked a full time job for 10 years now and gone to school at least part time here and there. And last year while we were planning our wedding, I worked full time and took nine credits (with a lab) and even though I was stressed, I seem to thrive in that type of chaos (so opposite of my husband, but I digress).


I've started applying for jobs and have an interview Friday for a job that I "think" I'd like (still in insurance but in an environment I have wanted to try working in before (I'll let you know if I get it)) and may have a part time job doing some wedding prep for a beautiful venue (again a whole lot of "maybe" things in the works...) that I'm keeping kind of mum about for the time being.

Soooo if all goes according to plan (and why plan when any time I do, God has different things in store), I'm about to be wayyy busy. Or not, it depends on whats in the cards, I guess...

Until then there are some things I need/want to get done.
I feel like a true wife with my "list"

Make this menu board:

Source: thestewartestate via NicholeC on Pinterest

Clean Make-up brushes...I don't wear much powder (I have bad skin that's prone to breakouts) but with hopeful job interviews, I'll need to look my best and that means I'll be dustin' on the bare minerals. I found this awesome, awesome blog! I love her how to videos

Clean our stainless steel ish accordingly. I mean, obvs I wash our pots/pans but they have hard water stains and I've been wanting to polish them for some time now (who the heck have I become?!) via NicholeC on Pinterest
Keep up with My Fitness Pal...I was using another site to track what I ate, but I am diggin' MPF and the recommendations for me to lose weight. Come find me, here!

and last but not least; day drink. Judge away, ya'll. But I really want to be irresponsible one day of my "sabbatical" (reminds me of Ross on Friends, 10pts if you get the reference) and have a liquid lunch. I don't even really do that on vacation. But just once...

That's all I got...

I'm curious, what kinds of things are on your to-do list?


  1. I love day drinking... but it never ends well lol

  2. Ooo ooo ooo make your sister one of those fabulous menu boards too please!

    And now that we're moving, I have a huge to-do list starting as well. Oh and I still haven't finished our thank-you cards so that's a big one "to do"


  3. Don't feel bad - we all think we want more time til we have it. And I thrive on chaos too...organized chaos, if that makes sense. I need to juggle alot of balls to really be in my niche.

    If you need someone to come over one night and help you tackle your to do list I could be down for that. : ] Sometimes it's better if you have someone to sit around and entertain you while you do stuff. ha ha.

  4. I LOVE that menu board now I want to make one for our kitchen haha :-) Good luck with everything coming up I'm sure it'll all work out in the end like you said! ohh day drinking we should make that happen!

  5. I think I'll do that menu board too!
    Day drinking? FUN. In the summer, I'll do a margarita or two in the afternoon (post workout, of course).
    Use your new-found time wisely. There's so much I think I would do if I didn't have a job...but I'm not ready to give up the paycheck just yet..And, I suppose I DO get some time off in June and July. :)

  6. Work on wedding projects. And start packing to get ready to move! Maybe you should make a trip here and help me pack!

  7. day drinking is THE BEST. Jealous. If I were you I would be hanging out on the patio at Whiskey Joes with some rum punch concoction! ;)

    Good luck with the interview.

  8. I think I feel like this around week three or four of summer break too. Although right now I feel like I could take a good month off and fill every second with things to do. I need to organize my closet too...and do a zillion wedding things. After my races next weekend I'm going to have to cut back on the running/working out to do more around the house and for the wedding.