Friday, February 24, 2012

Furbaby Friday

Happy Friday, kids! I was supposed to have a job interview today but they called at the last minute to say that they had to reschedule...The good news? The pants I wore were loose! The bad...well, obvs that I didn't get to go on my interview...

Anyway, since I'm home all the time now, I am spending much more time with my Gigi-Pi. I love it and I think she does too. Unfortunately, it means I take an unnecessary  amount of photos of her.

Not gonna lie, sometimes when bloggers constantly post about their pets (and only their pets) I get kind of annoyed at the lack of a "real" post. But I get it, their furbabies are their babies and they love them. I love our Geeg and so since it's Friday and I've seen this "theme", I'm taking the bait. Am I a hypocrite? Perhaps, but once you see my baybee, you'll see why :)

{Girl loves her dog bed and blankie}

{Constantly trying to get belly rubs. She doesn't care if I'm online; she plops down anyway}

{Always nappin'}
{Watching tv with J and she turned at me like this. Coincidentally they were watching Walking Dead.
I think G-love was channeling her inner "zombie"?}


  1. Sorry about your interview getting cancelled girl but yay for loose pants :-) Your pup is adorable awwww!

  2. Yay for loose pants!!! Boo for cancelled interviews!