Monday, February 20, 2012

Phone Pic Fun 2.20.12

Happy Monday! It's been ages since I've done this link up; but now that I have a working phone with a way  better camera phone than my last, I'm all in again...

{Even though yellow means friendship; it was our wedding color, so it's okay!}

{Valentines' with my dude; flowers I received and the game we went to!}

 {My first Jewelmint purchase! Got them for free thanks to Klout. I LOVE them}

{Hosted a House Hunters House Party where we played HH Bingo}

{Prizes I gave for said bingo}
{Wine I drank during said House Party-YUM}

{Made these freakin' delicious green beans, I don't even like green beans, ya'll}

...and last but not least, my loves from this week:

{Gigi found some chickadees, after the rain...}

{asked J to smile "normal" with the pup and this is what I got..ass}


  1. Cute pics, so funny bc my roses for vday were yellow too, but they are some of my favs & hubby had no clue he was like I thought they were pretty bc daisies were in it and they are your favs awwww! :-)

  2. I am still so sad that I couldn't go to your HH party. Good thing I didn't, though, because one pup is sooo skittish.

    Those Jewelmint earrings look nice! I did not see that perk on Klout!

  3. Looks like you had a fun week! Those are such pretty roses! Love the earrings!

  4. Our wedding color is that yellow too! The fiancé isn't sold on the color haha!

  5. love yellow roses and my man does the same thing when I ask him to smile nice...gotta love them! :/

  6. Love the roses! :) Yellow are some of my favorites, even if they mean friendship. Who cares what they "mean" anyway? :)

  7. SO SO cute of your dog looking at the little chicks :) And those green beans look delish!

  8. Yellow roses are my favorite...I got those from my hubby too. And I have never heard of HH Bingo! That is so cool!

  9. I got yellow tulips for v-day which according to google means hopeless love. Whatever, Hagin said they were the nicest tulips Walmart had lol. We are classy :)

    Sad I missed out of HH bingo!

  10. I LOVE houseparty! cute pics! I really like the yellow flowers!