Friday, January 27, 2012

Ready for the weekend {Girls night out, Gasparilla & ZBB!}

Woo-hoo! It's Friday and I am SO ready for this weekend! Even though this is my last Friday at my current job, the fact that I have so much going on helps me to not think about the fact that I'm about to be a jobless hobo...

Tonight, I get to meet some ah-mazing local ladies for a GNO! It all started when Jenn, Becca & I were tweeting last Sunday night. I decided to email these ladies the following day and suggest we finally meet up. We all told our mutual Tampa blogger friends and it kind of went from there. I believe there are 12 of us meeting up? I can't wait. This little ol' blog has taken off for me in the sense that I've emailed, tweeted and texted with quite a few gals and have formed some friendships that I wasn't expecting. It's great and I'm really excited for tonight!

Saturday, hubs and I are meeting with our friends for Gasparilla. Oh you've never heard of it? The cliff notes version goes like this: Parade o' pirates (arrrgh) in floats invade Tampa Bay. People get tipsy (ok, some get wasted) and catch beads from said floats. It is sort of like Mardi Gras but the history behind it is different. Basically it's an excuse to drink during the day and act a fool for some plastic beads that will undoubtedly collect dust in a random closet. Still, it's more fun that it sounds, I swear.

{Past Gasparilla Parades}
Not gonna lie, sometimes I celebrate the parade a tad too festively and am ready to go home and crash by 7pm (I mean we do start at 10am so what do I expect?). This year, however I am meeting up with the bestie afterward (who is not coming to the parade), and going to see Zac Brown Band in concert! I am sooo excited! These guys are one of my fave country bands and I have yet to see them live.

I'm hoping to sleep, recover and snuggle with The Geeg (and spouse?) on Sunday before facing the last two days at the job...

What's up for your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend - have a blast!!

    My weekend will be relaxing...and that is MUCH needed. =)

    Shine On

  2. We aren't going to Gaspar this year. But it usually ends pretty early for me too! One year I tried to go to Applebees for half off appetizers after 10pm, but it was only 6pm lol.

  3. meeting friends through blogging has been one of my most favorite perks!!
    and yay for Zac Brown band, I saw them last summer and they are fab fab fab fab!

  4. Gasparilla sounds like a blast!! And I love ZBB! Have a great weekend!

  5. Super excited for tonight & Gasparilla this weekend! We're starting at 10am too haha. I have many friends going to Zac Brown after not me we'll be passed out lol.

  6. Sounds like fun! Have a good weekend

  7. EEEEEE so ready for tonight I'm literally counting down the hours (7.5). : ]

  8. Yay! Gasparilla is a blast and nice job picking the early pics to post. :) I hope to see you down there!

  9. I'm jealous of everyone that is partying like a pirate right now!

  10. I love how Jason Awad pops up in random pictures EVERYWHERE. Hehe. Sorry I missed Friday night. : ( I hope to get in on the next one.