Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hopes for 2012

I don't like to say "resolutions" for a new year. I'm not real sure why, I just don't. I have debated whether or not to post what hopes/goals I have for myself in 2012 because every time I tried to blog them, the post didn't excite me a ton....

BUT I think posting here for all of you lovely people to see (er, read?) will make me accountable and hopefully light the fire under my ass I so.desperately.need.

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  • Get healthy! Duh, I get that this is almost everyones' goal for a new year. I'm not saying "lose weight" because A)That is a given (that I need to) and B)If I am living healthy, I should naturally lose weight? I'm hoping to also successfully run a 5k this year as well. Any tips?
  • Go back to school. I was accepted into the local University here (USF, Goooo BULLS) for the Spring (um, like next week) but have decided not to go just yet.  How can I declare my major (currently Communications) without knowing what career path I am taking... I was struggling back and forth with this decision but I so do not want to enter a major I may change later and lose out on the time, money and energy I'll spend. I did that while working on my AA and I don't want to do that  again.
So I guess I better...
  • Find a job I love. Not like, ya'll...LOVE. I'm losing my job as a sales/customer service rep in the insurance field. I never loved this job. It was o-kay. The co-workers are sweet, my boss is cool (not the micro managing type tyrant I have encountered before) and the hours/pay were pretty decent for a kid with no college degree (well, my AA but not BA). I took my current job when my job prior to this one also laid me off (coincidentally exactly 3 1/2 years after being employed at both  insurance jobs, am getting laid off...If that isn't a sign, what the F is?) Both times, I have been lucky enough to receive small severances. Last time, I took that money and paid of my car. This time, I plan to take some "me" time and find a career I am passionate about. After our wedding was over, the typical office job has bored me. I miss planning parties and hope to figure out how to do it professionally. If I have to go back into the field I am in, that's okay too. But I cannot and will not just take the first job offer I come across...I know that seems cocky considering the unemployment rate in FL is still so high. But I compromised myself once for a job and I don't want to do it again. Being unhappy and/or unfulfilled in a place that you spend a *huge* chunk of your time at, doesn't do much for your mental health. Check back with me in three months, though. If I haven't figured out a way to love my job and/or am begging on the streets, I may change my tune. But I feel like this lay off is a blessing in disguise. I didn't have the guts to look for a new job/profession and now I will be forced to.
  • Speaking of blessings... I wasn't raised with any sort of religion. Mom was raised one way and dad; another. Neither of them had any strong ties to what they were raised with. Hubs was very involved in church growing up. By the time, we met he wasn't as involved/invested like he once was. We started going to church a few years ago for a few months and then just stopped. There wasn't really a reason. I always felt so wonderful after we went too. I always had like 3,000 questions for Jason after service and felt bad about it (asking him all these Q's) even though he never made me feel that way. I hate not knowing things and I think not knowing much about church, religion, the Big Guy himself scared me (does that make sense?!). Anyways, I'd like to get back into going. For myself.
  • Save money-I like to eat out. I like to drink out. I like to....go out. I can still do all of that but I seriously need to cut back. Esp since I'm about to be unemployed. This goal probably excites me the most, though. It's a challenge I am actually ready to tackle!
  • Learn to relax-I worry about ev-ery-thang. I need to get that in check. Stat.
  • Last week (or year if you want to get all technical) I posted a quote I loved by Mother Theresa. I am going to *try* and live by this every day. Jason has already called me out on it when I wasn't acting like I said I wanted to...Gee, thanks husband.

What are your hopes, goals...resolutions  for the new year?


  1. Good luck to you on all yourgoals! I am SO excited for you to start back at USF in Communication especially. I loved my degree program of Relational Communication and if you have ANY questons ask away(teachers, courses, etc)! The best thing about getting your BA in Communication is that you can do pretty much anything with it :-)

  2. Great goals for the new year and Happy Birthday yesterday!! I'm a Pretty Little Liars fan too :)

  3. Great goals! I like that you focused on "being healthy" and not just losing weight!
    I ran my first 5K on Thsnksgiving Day thanks to the Couch to 5K app by BlueFin Software (there are others out there but I like that one the best). A good pair of shoes and that app (with a playlist pf songs) and you'll be running a 5K in no time!

  4. Wonderful goals for 2012! I know what you mean about declaring a major. I rushed into my major in college because I was running out of time. Take your time, look into your options, do some soul searching... It will come to you. :) Happy 2012, lady!

  5. Soooo you should join YEP (Young Elite Professionals)! I just joined the first meeting of the year is Tuesday. Lauren (your first commenter today) plans and organizes it and basically, you meet up for food and drink specials and network with people your age. It's usually in Tampa...are you in Tampa or St. Pete? I don't remember... Let me know if you want more info!

    As for school, just don't do psychology haha. That's what I have a BA in and it provides zero jobs.

    Um let's see, what else. I still have to write my resolutions and I'm being lazy today. Hurrah 2012!