Monday, January 2, 2012

Got a secret; can you keep it ...

Today I turned the big 2-8...We celebrated yesterday with friends at an awesome Sunday brunch and hit up a restaurant/bar after for football, drinks and Jenga. It was the  perfect way to start 2012 and also celebrate my birthday! I'll post in more detail about it later.

But I have to say that today I am most excited for the return of Pretty Little Liars. Now that I'm a 28 year old married chick, **should** I be embarrassed at how much I l.o.v.e this show?

                                             Nah, I didn't think so either. Judge away, kids. Judge away...


  1. Happy Birthday Nichole! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day! And enjoy the new season of PLL...I am watching the marathon while I clean :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I watch and love that show too and I am 27 and married! I am so excited for it to start! :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!
    And btw…I am obsessed with ABC family shows!!!!!

  4. Hope you had a great birthday! I'm also 28(almost 29) and love me some PLL :-)

  5. My cousin was just telling me yesterday that this is a show I need to get into... I'll have to give it a shot. Hello from Blogaholics! Come by my blog anytime you'd like. Happy New Year!