Thursday, December 29, 2011

VIQ (Very Important Question!)

Between all of the wedding thank you cards we sent in May/June, and  Christmas cards this year, our label stash has been....depleted. I usually order stationary ish like this from Vistaprint. You can (usually) get them for free (just paying S&H) and they have some cute designs, to boot.

As I am perusing the site for a new design (because hey, that's fun), I come across this....genre?!

Sensual.address.labels. Did you hear  me? I said sensual freakin' address labels.  Um, SAY HUH??  Who sends and/or needs "sensual" labels (by the way, they have some butterfly labels under this category...I am serioulsy all sorts of confused)?

Please tell me, what am I missing here?!


  1. I'm going to need to see some pictures of these sensual address labels haha

  2. Sensual labels? Is that code for something? :)

  3. I mean I was seriously scratching my head at this! Too funny