Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011 Recap (Part 2)

So sadly, my camera broke a few weeks back at our ugly sweater party (I swear I didn't drop it while drinking. I have lost a camera or two that way so I now know better, promise!) and I didn't get a lot of photos from Christmas. I'm really bummed because it was our first married Christmas and also, I'm a photo fiend...

BUT....I did get a lot of nice things from my siblings, parents and the spouse on Christmas Day. The only other person I ever exchange gifts with is the bestie and we did that last week. On J's side, we just get gifts for the kids and we did that last week too (those kids made out like tiny bandits, ya'll).

My super sweet momma gave me a ton of our wedding pics framed on Christmas Eve, after dinner. She *also* got my dress cleaned! Finally. I may have left my dress at her house on purpose because I didn't want to deal with it? Maybe, but I'll never say for sure. (P.S. what did you do with your  dress after the wedding (if you're married?) I need ideas).

I don't think I have just one fave thing that I received. My mom is seriously ah-mazing. Not only did she frame all those pics, she also gave me a new camera!! So I don't have to rely on my crappy camera phone any more! I  got some other goodies from the parentals (candles, slippers, a coffee mug, etc).

My littlest sister and brother got me this fragrance sampler from Sephora! Seriously, this is the best idea ever. It has trials to try and then once you decide, you can trade in a voucher (that is included) for a full size perfume. LOVE IT.

Little Sister and her husband got me a day planner...I am going back to school this Spring and also losing my job (yea, another story for another day) and will be back on the job hunt very soon and they thoughtfully picked this out for me to plan my days...

Even though Jason said he didn't want or need anything, ya'll know I got him some fun stuff. Mainly movies, a video game, season 1 of Modern Family (please tell me you watch, yes?) and you know, underthingsPlus, the LOTR marathon (we're halfway through the 2nd one) that we're working on.

Hubs, totally got me a great gift though. Since we have our cruise to save for and I am losing my job I wasn't expecting anything real "big". I have hinted hardcore for a new phone (Good Lord with a better camera!) or an e-reader, but seriously wasn't sure what to expect.

Nook Color
But hubs delivered, kids!! I love this thing. I was totally not expecting this awesome gadget! I also got some sock monkey slippers and comfy pj's!

Gigi, being the first "grand-pet" got a ridic amount of gifts, too. From treats (and a huge bone) to hair care products from my mom (she's a hairdresser), her first Christmas was great as well. Jason's fave gift for Geeg...? A snuggie from little sister.

Jason's reaction to said Snuggie

 Snugg Love (though it looks more like a straight jacket to me)
All in all, our first married Christmas was pretty great. Too bad we both had to go back to work and cut the holiday feeling short.
This would be all 3 of us passed out on mom's couch, Christmas Day. Not the most flattering of photos but I had to share

How was your Christmas? What fun things did you get?


  1. the nook color is supposed to be great! kind of like an ereader and a tablet! glad you had a great christmas!!

  2. I SO want that perfume set from Sephora! i hope you will share your favorite. Hubby did do some surprise gifts for me from Sephora though, so I can't complain. I got a Kindle and LOVE it! My friend has the Nook Color and it seems to be great. Now to sell the 50,000 books I own on amazon....

  3. I have the b&w Nook (bought it about a year ago), but ever since I bought it, I've been thinking that I should have just bought the color. That's an awesome gift! I still need to blog my gifts. I'm such a slackerrrrrr