Friday, December 23, 2011


Oh my gawd, ya'll. What a crazy week it has been! While I did get to relax Monday with the girls, I forgot to mention that Monday was the day our Christmas cards finally (finally!) came in. So while we watched Love Actually (and drank wine!) I also addressed 50 some cards. I know for some of you, 50 isn't that many, but for me it was. Last week, I bought a few boxes to send to people that had already sent me theirs (I had extreme guilt that we hadn't sent any  yet) and also for some fellow bloggers (Nellie, Lane, Mia, and Janna!) that I did a card swap with since they were all on time getting theirs out to me and I was a major slacker (actually, I wasn't but Mixbook took way too long to get them out and I even paid the expedited shipping! Grrr). That was Monday....

Our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs!
Tuesday was spent finishing my shopping for the fam. And as you know, wanting to die in a Walmart, as well.

Wednesday night was spent shopping for meat. Copious amounts of meat. You see, we're hosting Christmas Eve this year. I have hosted this day/night almost every year since I have lived on my own but I decided to do it "big" this year since I'm married now and into the whole planning thang. My family likes food, people. But, we also have some picky eaters too (dad will not eat chicken, he and my mom like their meat welllll done (J and I are medium peeps)) so as much as I wanted a traditional type meal (I was thinking a beef tenderloin or roast of some sort), it wasn't happening, here. Soooo, hubs and I set off to an Italian meat shop by us.

Buon Natale! Merry Christmas in Italian :)

*Um, I didn't know I was so  domestic until I got married, for the record*. I feel like I hit the carnivorous jackpot! We got an insane amount of NY strip for $3.49/lb! We had to buy an entire slab o' meat to get the deal and hubs and I will for sure be eating leftovers for quite some time, but at least we got that done. Plus, the rest of the groceries we'll need as well.

Oh Thursday, I was relying on you to be the "glue" of the week; holding it all together for me before I became unhinged. Not so much. I felt (two freakin' days before Christmas Eve!) that the table decor I had wasn't going to cut it. So I decided to hit up a Target by work on a break. Then another Target after work, Michaels, Wal-Mart and then the mall with the littlest sister. Oh wait, and then one more Target after  the mall. How did I become this person?!  I don't understand...

BUT ::ahem:: I am finished! Gifts are bought, food (shopping) is done and table ish is complete. I am exhausted at work today, but it's all DONE (seriously, can I get some music here? Maybe something like angels singing or playing a harp?)

I seriously do this just about every year to myself ::face palm::

How about you? Are you ready for Christmas?


  1. I'm so happy you're blogging regularly and sharing your first Christmas with everyone! Good work on the meat - what a dealio! :) Happy holidays!!

  2. Cute Christmas card, Merry Christmas!!

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