Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eff Marry Kill: Take 2

Oh yes, linking up again with Heather and Michelle for some random Thursday fun. Last time I played, I did a Revenge post and so with keeping with my somewhat theme, I'm bringing in a new tv series, again. This time I'm talking about Ringer on CW. Ya'll if I could merge Ringer and Revenge, I'd have the per-fect show! Bonus because Sarah Michelle Gellar is the main character and I loved me some Buffy back in the day (and Angel, but I digress).

Here we go:

Andrew Martin, Siobhan's husband (Ioan Gruffudd)

Henry Butler, Siobhan's secret lov-a and her bff's husband (Kristoffer Polaha)

Agent Machado, the cop looking for Bridget/Siobhan (Nestor Carbonell)

I would eff Andrew; he's a big softie underneath it all but his daughter is too much drama for me. I'd marry Henry in a sec. OKay, so he isn't the most faithful of spouses but he did clean up the blood for Siobhan when he thought she killed Gemma. Plus, he's been on Life Unexpected and Mad Men. Marry, Marry, Marry. And I'd have to say good-bye to Machado. Dude just annoys me; always coming around at the wrong time.

Alright, kids your turn! Who would you eff/marry/kill?! 


  1. Hello there fellow Buffy lover! I just started watching the Ringer and I think I'm really starting to like it... I'd have to agree with all of your picks!

  2. nice! all are good looking though :)

  3. Now granted, I'm a few episodes behind, but Henry creeps me out. I don't think I could marry him. I could marry Andrew; his daughter would just have to deal. I'll get back to you on eff and kill when I catch up on the rest of the episodes. ::smiles::

  4. This blog was like reading German. I have NO idea what you are talking about!!! Should I??

  5. I love the Ringer and your picks :-).

  6. I think we have the same taste in tv shows! :-) I don't remember him being on Mad Men though...who did he play?

  7. I am a couple episodes behind on Ringer - but Henry didn't kill Gemma??? What?

    Marry Detective
    Screw Andrew
    Kill Henry