Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn (Happy Birthday Amy!)

Oh Friday, how I love thee. I had Monday off because of my sister’s wedding, and yet this week still felt like it was dragging. Probably because I am beyond stoked for Breaking Dawn tonight!

I was anti anything Twilight a few years ago. I refused to read the books and when the movie came out, I only went because my bestie wanted to. After seeing the first flick though, I.was.hooked. Yes, the movie was a *tad* corny, but I just had to read the series! I read them as fast as I could and they did not disappoint. I have been a Twilight junkie ever since (feel free to judge, ya’ll. I don’t even care).

Since today is bestie's birthday, it’s only fitting that we’re seeing the movie tonight (since she is the one that got me "addicted", and all) with a few other lovely ladies. After, we’re having drinks to properly celebrate the big 2-8 (Gah, we’re getting old. I’m right behind her since my birthday is in January).

In honor of said birthday girl's day (and because I am feeling nostalgic), I am busting out a few old school photos of the birthday girl and me throughout the years…

BFF's 24th birthday (the same year as the "shoe" incident)
Meeting Dan Boyle (2007?). Oh how I miss him...
Gasparilla 2008

Giving a speech at our wedding
At sister's wedding (okay, so not old school. I just like this one of us!)

Are you planning to see Breaking Dawn this weekend (or have you already seen it)? Thoughts?!


  1. DAN BOYLE OMFG!!!!! I would leave my boyfriend for him. I'm so freaking in love; it's like, well, stalker-esque. I met him at Hockey 'N Heels and he's had a place in my heart ever since.

  2. I want to see it, but I gotta find someone to go with me! I love you gals!! Have a good time!!