Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Sorry for not posting much lately, but it has been an insanely busy few weeks! Plus our Gigi girl is quite the baby and every few nights, she has woke us up at 2am and/or 4am so we’re both tired to top it off…. (more on that later).

This past weekend, we hosted my sister’s bridal shower. I have been dying to talk about it but we kept the theme a secret from my sister, so I couldn’t post about it ::so sad::

But now that it’s over, I can tell you all that I thought long and hard about the theme. Sister isn’t a girlie girl nor is she very traditional-y (That is totally a word, right?), so any “normal” shower just wouldn’t do! After much thought, Google searches and hours online, I finally found our theme.

We went with a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed bridal shower, dah-lings! I know I just said bride to be wasn’t a girly girl--and she isn’t. But growing up she loved all things Audrey  (I was more of a Marilyn gal, myself) and we watched this movie and My Fair Lady many times, when we were kids. This theme was perfect! Ya’ll, it was so much fun! I am waiting to get the photos back from one of the bridesmaids, so unfortunately I have nothing to share photo wise (and really isn’t that the best part?!) but when I do, I will post.

10/9 also happened to be hubs and my six month wedding anniversary! In just the six months we have been hitched, I can tell you I have learned some more things about my new husband; and also myself in the process. Because it was my sister’s shower, we didn’t get to do anything special together. And since we’re saving up for our cruise and I still have the bachelorette party next weekend in Orlando, we’re not planning on anything grand. But when I have the time (I really hope it’s before we hit seven months! Oy), I want to make a special dinner for my dude. Something nicer, but less expensive than going out to dinner. That has been one way I have tried to save funds where I could (honestly, I could eat out every day just for the convenience of it) is by eating in more. Plus, I do enjoy cooking. Being the oldest of four, however I like to cook for the masses rather than just two. Regardless, splurging on some quality ingredients for a night in will be just what we need (and deserve!)

Once I have the photos from the shower, I will post more about this fabulous day.

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