Thursday, August 25, 2011

Prince Charming?

I think it's apparent I like a good deal, and because I love like all things free, I ended up seeing the movie, Friends with Benefits, three times (A bit excessive, I’m aware. Thanks). The first time I was able to see it with a girlfriend who had gotten tickets to a screening a few weeks before it actually opened in theatres. It is a cute rom-com and I really liked it (predictable, yes but that is how I like my chick flicks). The second time, I went with the hubs because he actually wanted to see it and we do have our free movie pass.
The last and final time I saw this movie, was all thanks to Krystal and her ability to "like" even more facebook pages, than I do (seriously, I thought I was the Queen of deals until I started to hang with this chick. She has me beat, but it's cool because she shares her knowledge :-)). Thanks to Krystal, she had discovered through the MGD64 fan page that there was a free screening of the flick with free beer and free food….hello, jackpot.

With that being said, I think I am somewhat of an expert on this flick, right? I won’t spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it, but I am not giving it away by saying that the female lead, Mila Kunis, has a Prince Charming complex, in that she believes in the fairy tale with a guy and so, she has some high expectations for all things love. At one point, her mom in the movie tells her, "Well, you're Prince Charming isn't coming to rescue you in a horse and carriage. That's not who you want. I mean, you're're looking for a man to be your partner. You could take on the world with. You gotta change your fairy tail baby"

Oh how I could relate! Before I met the hubs, I had some pretty ridiculous ideas and high expectations for L-O-V-E, myself (and that may explain why before J, none of them worked out!). But I was lucky enough to find my guy when I wasn’t looking and was at a pretty independent stage in my life. Because of that I was actually quite headstrong and even stand offish towards Jason in the beginning (seriously, why did this guy stay?!). I became one of those girls that had given up on guys and saying I would be single forever and that I was just perfectly fine with that (for the record, I was twenty-three and had no clue about anything, people). I also watched a lot of Sex and the City then, and imagined my life would be like that as I got older…Oh poor, na├»ve Nichole.

My point is, sometimes you have to re-evaluate what you think it is you want in someone. I didn’t need some random guy to "rescue" me (I was doing a fine job taking care of myself. Thankyouverymuch) and until I had  faith in me, how the hell could I have expected a guy to do it for me?!

 Clearly "in love", from Day 1
            Yes, that is a tiara. It was my birthday (2009)

Sometimes, the hubs drives me absolutely insane (and I know I drive him even more insane when I want to) but he is my teammate and I’m his sidekick (cheesy, I know) and for us, this is our fairytale.

Teammates for life (and goofballs, too) 

      So tell me, what is your fairy tale like?  


  1. My fairy tale is just doing something fun with my fiance (=D). It can be Disney, the beach, the park or at home; I always have a good time as long as I'm with him. I love this post because it reflects what I kind of went through just the other way around. I never really dreamed of a Prince Charming but, rather, my expectations were low? So I grew more confident in myself and realized I deserve a great guy.
    Luckily, he found me =)

  2. Woot - thanks for the shout OUT! :)