Sunday, August 21, 2011

The couple that saves together

This weekend, J and I decided to have a weekend all to ourselves. It has been awesome, and is definitely a rarity for us! We are always trying to save a dime, so everything we did this weekend had some sort of deal attached to it, which was a huge plus for us! The couple that saves together, stays together...right?

I have lost misplaced my camera, so unfortunately I didn't get a chance to snap any pics this weekend, sorry.

 I forgot my shoes in the car (after all that blogging too) so my flip flops had to do. We started with happy hour at Green Iguana with 2 for 1 drinks. After two very strong vodka and diet cokes, it was time to move on for this kid (otherwise, it would have been nap time and that would have been the most boring Friday night, ever). After some cheap drinks, we decided to see a movie at Westshore Mall. One of my first jobs was working at the AMC theatre in Oldsmar, and I'm still good enough friends with a few people that work for the company, and so we actually have a free pass (cha-ching!). We saw 30 minutes or Less. It was okay, not the funniest movie but better than I expected. Plus I LOVE Aniz Ansari & Jesse Eisenberg...funny guys. After the movie, we finished our night out with dinner and more drinks at Square 1 Burgers. I had a groupon for $16 and after 10pm, drinks were discounted. I love this place, they have so many burger options to choose from! The hubs and I are usually low carbin' it, and SQ1 can serve your burger bunless on a bed o' greens if you like. I opted for a bunless Red, White and Bleu burger and a side of fries (I know, not low carb but hey it was date night). Jason ordered some hot dog concoction, with avocado. We sat in the bar area and stayed until closing. It was a great night and our final tab (before tip) only cost us $8.00 out of pocket.

After a trip to the gym and a stop in to my mom's salon so that J could get a haircut, we ended up at Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. I had a BOGO email that I was dying to use. It was lunch time, so we both got burger minis and the salad bar. When it came time to settle the check, I presented my coupon (by the way, I always wait until the end because I cringe when I see eager customers present their deal too early. I don't know why, I just do) and was told that the coupon wasn't good for our order....turns out, one of us needed to order an actual entree to get the deal. No biggie since it was our error but the server actually gave us 25% off our check and we ended up saving another eight bucks! I was not expecting that at all, so that was just an awesome plus. We hightailed back to my old AMC stomping grounds for another (free) movie and saw The Help (a great movie, go see it now!).

After a much needed nap (I cannot even tell you the last time I napped on the weekend!!), we had a late dinner at Cheesecake Factory. We had a $25 gift card from Christmas to use. I ordered the white sangria (OMG, delish) and chicken tacos. Jason has a beer and a burger with mac n' cheese on top. I initially thought my husband was kind of insane for ordering this but it was not overly heavy. It was actually pretty light for a burger loaded with....macaroni, lol. Turns out my sangria was ten freakin' dollars, so even though we saved $25, after adding a slice of key lime cheesecake to share, our out of pocket was $25, but hey, we did get a lot of bang for our buck (actually, Jason did. Since we haven't yet merged our moola and all). We then met up with some friends at Dagwoods for a "luau". Unfortunately, after our food comas, we had a few beers and left by 1am. The plus? One of our friends we met up with, is a server so he gets a hospitality discount, meaning the server at Dagwoods, gave us the same discount. Cha-ching, another (unexpected) deal!

Today, Jason and I hit up our last place for "date weekend". Thanks to yet another groupon, we ended up at Ceviche in South Tampa for brunch (side note, you know you're in S. Tampa, when the Jimmy Johns delivery guy drives a Lexus. Oi). Brunch to me, is God's perfect meal. So I was ecstatic to have mimosas and breakfast after noon on a lazy day. I ordered the Crab Eggs Benedict and Jason had a Spanish Omelet. I also convinced Jason to order a Bloody Mary that he was not too fond of. However, I loved it and may have had that in addition to my own mimosa (can't let good drinks go to waste, people). The food took a while but we were able to get a ton of people watching in (my favorite "sport" in case you were wondering). After our $30 groupon, the bill cost us $10, plus tip.

That's about it. We were in desperate need of some one on one time and I feel pretty refreshed after spending the weekend alone with my dude. For Jason and I, we like a good deal so that's why I feel like our couple motto is, what it is! Do any of you out there have a "motto" of your own?


  1. You are the queen of coupons, ma'am! All that food for under 50$? Cha-ching!

  2. Thanks for the follow! =) Wow you really saved a ton, I need to start using coupons more.

  3. Thanks, ladies! I wish I could learn to save more when I went grocery shopping but I'm still pretty excited we saved so much eating/drinking out!

  4. Totally love this post! =) We have so much in common nowadays, LOL. We will have to catch up after Labor Day. Groupons for the win!