Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Surprise! Party like it's 1983

Several months ago, my best friend's mom emailed me that she would like to throw my best friend, Amy, a surprise birthday party in November. After plotting, and scheming for quite some time, I am proud to say we mostly pulled it off!

To start, we needed a theme. Initially I was against an 80's party, because as we approach 30, obviously so are many of our friends, and we have been there, done that {and did it up right last year, for another friend's 3-0!}. But then Amy's mom found some cute products turning 30 this year as well,  and no matter how hard I fought it, I knew we were meant to throw an 80's par-tay! We partied like it was 1983, ya'll. Or what I imagine it was like in 1983. I was born in '84, after all.

The board that inspired it all; designed by Hannah

A little back story about the B4FE; she is like my sister. My mom affectionately refers to her as the fourth daughter, and/or fifth child. She is the friend I told you all about who had lost a ton of weight. She looks amazing, and worked her ass off to get where she is! I'm jealous and proud of her all at the same time. Being friends as long as we have been means we have had our ups and downs, and adjustments in life, but I hope we're always besties and I hope she knows how much I freakin' love her face! Plus, I like parties, so of course I was excited to help! ::end mush, here::

{Menu Tent Cards: Lillian Hope Designs}
I have to tell you this was the easiest, and cheapest DIY for the entire party! 

We used the garland at one of the food tables, and as part of the backdrop for photos.

I concocted this sign with...duct tape. Zebra duct tape! Found in the $1 aisle at Tar-jay.


Photos hanging from balloons. We ran out of helium, but the idea was still fun

Beer Punch: Beer, Lemonade Concentrate, Vodka. Mix Well.
"Tink" because we wanted a signature drink, and Amy was once obsessed with all thinks TinkerBell

Youngest sister, my beautiful momma, and yours truly

 Happy Birthday, Amy!!


  1. So cute! I love the fortune teller garland - so creative!

  2. What a great party. I love the 80's that is probably because I am a 1985er. I am hoping I get an 80's themed 30th birthday.

  3. What?! This is SO AWESOME! I love it and I'm totally going to steal it for a future party :) Great idea! Loving all the themed props, too!

  4. WOW, how creative and thoughtful you are! I'm sure she loved it! I'm a 1983 baby as well turning 30 in Dec. Love the board with care bears, cabbage patch kids and all the stuff that made our childhood ;-)

  5. Happy Birthday Amy! This was right up my alley. Looks like tons of fun. :-)

  6. I love 80's parties.
    I've been wanting to design one so badly..Maybe I'll do it for my husband's 40th birthday!

    Keep it Touched,

    1. I think an 80's theme for 40, would be a blast!

  7. This looks like the coolest party ever! I love that you had the original Nintendo system and awww My Little Pony! you friend is definitely one lucky Birthday Gal!

  8. The photo booth backdrop came out great! I love the recipe for Tink's Drink. I'm thirsty. Good work!

  9. How fun, love all the little signs for the food and that garland!!!!! :-)

  10. You killed that party! It looks awesome!!

  11. You are so creative!! Can you come throw me a party pretty please?! :)

  12. Okay, I clearly can learn a lot from you about throwing a party! Next time I have one we are going to have to do dinner and you are going to have to help me. Looks awesome!! I love the photo booth!

  13. So fun!! I really wish I had done an 80s theme for my bday last year. You did a great job!!