Monday, November 25, 2013

Last minute shopping, bourbon, and turkey {weekend recap}

Last week, my best friend came over to help me make eat mini pumpkin pies for the Thanksgiving feast I prepared, yesterday. During this pie prep, we both discussed how this year was the first year we were keenly aware, we are grown-ups. I love it, and hate it. The end.

Just kidding...that would make for a boring post. So, our weekend in photos:

I waited until Friday to do the majority of my Thanksgiving dinner shopping. It took me over an hour. I had the most detailed of lists, and purchased everything I needed. But I felt mental throughout this process. This time of the year, Jason starts cramming for finals, and I am left alone to do this. I get cranky, and miss him. So add a full day of work, gym time, and then shopping...I wanted to hurt someone. But then I had a little aha moment, and realized if the only stresses in my life are buying a ridiculous amount of food to feed my slightly nutty in-laws, and missing my husband as he kills himself working full-time, and going to law school, then really I have NOTHING to be cranky about. I am actually quite blessed, if I take a moment to step out of myself and see that. So I made a drink, unpacked the car {three trips, thankyouverymuch}, and cleaned the casa.

Jennifer, yours truly, and Lane

My new fave

As a reward, I went to the Jim Beam Bourbon & Brew Festival, Saturday. Jason had too much studying to do, so luckily I had the ever so awesome Jennifer to take. You know your friends who met through blogging when the initial text of the day is, "I wonder what food they'll have" instead of, "what are you wearing"...she's one of my faves. Thanks for being my "date"!

The Bourbon & Brew Fest was awesome! Not being a huge bourbon fan, I wasn't sure what to expect. But I was able to sample quite a few drinks, and found a new fave cocktail; Jim Beam Honey Bourbon with Ginger Ale. It's definitely on the sweeter side, but the ginger ale definitely masked any boozy taste that you normally have with liquor. That could be a deliciously dangerous drink for me!

The fest was located in The Tampa Heights Waterfront, and the breeze and weather were perfect! I only wish I could have stayed longer, but after three-ish hours, I had to leave since I had a feast to prep the following day. Thanks again to Big City Events for hosting such a great event! 

Sunday, I woke up at 5:30am. Not on purpose mind you, but clearly I had a lot to do.

I finished cleaning, and started to cook. Most everything went off without a hitch! However, more than half of the family was over an hour late because they got "distracted", and understandably I was annoyed. But then there was nothing I could do, and I like hosting Thanksgiving so my mother in-law doesn't have to, and to create some happy memories for our nieces, and nephew. At the end of the day, no one fought, the food was good {if I do say so myself}, and  now it's over, and I can go to my mom and dad's like the child I am and do nothing, but bring dessert and drink, holla!

Not surprsingly, I feel a tad sick after all this busy. I think it's time to spike a hot tottie with a little bit of honey bourbon ;)

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How was your weekend?

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  1. The food looks amazing!!! That last picture is making me drool haha.

  2. I'm so sad I missed the bourbon Fest. John loves bourbon. All these cool blogger events I'm missing. I don't think there's a Richmond Blogger group here. There is a fb page but it's nothing like what Denise put together.

  3. I think I've been to that building before for an art show a long time ago!

  4. Since I too am still a child, I am amazed at all you did on your own. And still jealous of the bourbon festival - it sounds so fun! Also the grocery store makes me crabby all the time so thanks for the perspective!

  5. Mmmm yum! Jim Beam Honey? I need to get my hands on that! I sometimes am jealous that you are off hanging around Tampa with everyone! I hope to come visit one weekend soon. <3

  6. Um, totally not on topic - but wow - you are looking fantastic!!

  7. I hate when people are late for a meal that's designed with a time in mind!

  8. You serve the right kind of cranberry sauce! ;) Haha, I don't need the fancy homemade stuff, just the sauce out of a can. It is Thanksgiving to me! :)

  9. That fest looked awesome, I so wanna go next time :-) Fabulous feat you prepared girlie!!!!

  10. Man... your food looks so yummy. I am fighting some nighttime hunger right now and those pics are nooot helping ;) The Bourbon and Bres festival sounds so freaking fun! looks like you have been having a blast!