Friday, November 8, 2013

Foodie Friday: Nosh

When I was in the 8th grade, we moved to Oldsmar, Florida. At the time, there wasn't a whole lot to the town, and as a middle schooler, why would I even care? We had a few local spots that our family frequented, however. One “hot” spot {I use this term loosely} was Broadway Subs in the Woodlands Square Plaza. As far as I know, for years, Broadway was the only sammich spot in town. Fast forward fifteen years {was I seriously in the 8th grade that  long ago?! I digress} and Oldsmar has grown, and Broadway is no longer. We have a Subway, and a Jersey Mike’s. We had a Central Park deli, and of course there is the beloved Publix Sub #pubsub; but nothing in our town that was unique, or independent. Until Nosh opened their doors in October, that is.

Thanks to an event last week, I was able to try Nosh for the first time. What wasn't to like?! Just as Joey Tribbiani loves em', I too love a good sandwich, and Nosh did not disappoint. For the Yelp event, I sampled three kinds of sammie; Cuban, Roast Beef, and last but not least, a lovely marriage of roast beef, turkey, coleslaw, and Russian dressing on Cuban bread: Old Broadway. Oh my gosh! The pasta salad was quite tasty, as well. The potato salad, was just okay for me.

I enjoyed my eats so much, that over the weekend, I took Jason to try for himself. Obviously less packed on a chilly for Florida, rainy morning, we were able to peruse the menu and interact with the friendly staff and linger a bit longer.


Jason tried the special, The Bermuda Triangle: Roast Beef, Purple "Bermuda" Onions, Horseradish, pressed on Cuban Bread, and then topped with Coleslaw. 'Twas a large, and slightly messy sammie! Also ridiculously tasty. We both agreed the coleslaw was a little too sweet for our liking, but after removing a bit of it, it was perfect!

As for me, I love gyro, and somewhere decided that any time I dine somewhere new, I must try the gyro. Can I get that on a tee shirt? "I want ALL the gyro". So obviously a pita was to be my lunch! It was VERY generous in portion. A warmed pita, thin gyro, and tzatziki. It sounds simple, but if you've had a bad gyro pita, you know someone can mess it up. I'm happy to report, Nosh's was spot on. My only issue, if you can call it that, was that there was too much tzatziki and my wrap was super messy. But aren't there worse things in the world to have happen to you?! Next time, I'm definitely trying the gyro salad.

They also offer breakfast, and quite the coffee bar if you're so inclined. Free delivery in Oldsmar, as well.

Nosh, welcome to Oldsmar. I just know you are here to stay!

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  1. I love the name. Cute. The food looks good too!

  2. I never make it to Oldsmar but this looks awesome! BTW you want to check out my post today ;)

  3. Those sandwiches look sooo good, wish we had one around us :-)

  4. Oh the food looks amazing!!! Can't go wrong with a good restaurant.

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    1. Nikki, you HAVE to try! I know you love a good sandwich :)