Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gigi Marie

Yes, yes this is a post about my dog. Does that sound ridiculous? Maybe, but it's my blog and I'll write what I want to, right?

Two years ago, Jason and I adopted {or whatever you'd like to call it} Gigi from a friend, who couldn't keep her. Gigi was this little thang who initially wanted nothing to do with Jason or me.

But that changed in oh, about three hours.

She is the most spoiled of babies. She is a nervous little thing, and while I may be biased also the smartest and prettiest.

Gigi Noir
She taught me to slow down a bit, since we had to be home more once we had a dog to take care of. In some ways I am more of a homebody because of Gigi. And I am okay with that.

And while I may have never said this to Jason, I think she helped our marriage. The day we got Gigi, we were only five months into marriage land, and had just passed a few very rough patches. I know Gigi is a dog, and not a human baby, but she brought joy to Jason and I and gave us something to do together. Trust me I know how silly this sounds, but it's how I felt, and still feel.

This dog loves to grab trash out of the bathroom, when I accidentally leave the door open. She likes to chase poor Oskar who only wants to sleep, eat, and go for walks. She loves belly rubs, and I swear to you she knows how to look cute when she wants something. I have yet to meet one person who doesn't love lil' Geeg. She hates squirrels with a vengeance, but is curious and gentle with frogs.

Never having a dog before, I had no idea the love I could have for a dog. But I do. If we're out of town, and hear a door knock I have to remind myself she isn't there to "protect" us, since her bark is a second nature to my ears.

Tonight, the pups will get something tasty -- I'm thinking peanut butter, or pup ice cream. Not that they'll know why they're getting a treat, but we will. And sometimes that is all that matters.

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  1. Dogs are awesome! She is a lucky girl to have found you two.

  2. Gigi is so cute!! She's lucky to have a mom and dad who adore her so much and give her such a great life.

  3. She's seriously soooo adorable :-) Glad I'm not the only on that spoils their pets lol