Monday, August 19, 2013

I spent too much money 08/19/2013

With Jason on break from school, I almost feel like I am on a holiday, too. Obviously that isn't the actual; case, but our weeknights have been jam packed and we've been going non-stop. It's been great, and I am loving soaking up every bit of time with Jason that I can, while I can. Even if that means, going to watch football when I really know nothing about it. Don't get me wrong; I like going to games, but I get too distracted watching it on TV.

We started Friday at Brickhouse Tavern + Taps, for dinner and beer. I ended up being the only girl, and as one of the guys for the night, I found drinking out of a beer bong, quite necessary, and fun.

Brick House Tavern + Tap has been open a while, and for whatever reason I had it in my head that the food would be bad. I was SO wrong. I went with friends to watch a bit of preseason Bucs, and enjoy some drinks. Jason and I split half a beer bong, and it was $10.00 for about four glasses, so even though the bong o' beer was FUN, it wasn't overpriced just because it could be. That alone, was good enough for me. To start we shared an order of their Greek keftédes meatballs. As a lover of Greek flavors, I was impressed and delighted at the flavorful balls of meat, we consumed. Served on crostini with tzatziki, I was a happy kid.

For dinner, I ordered the crab cake sandwich with a side of tator tots. It was way too much food after beer and meatballs, so I didn't eat much, but it was a decent crab cake; I'm not always a fan of crab cakes if the meat to filler ratio is off, but this one was generous! All in all, I was impressed. The place serves your typical bar food, but a step above an actual, well bar. I can't wait to go back and try something new!

Brickhouse Tavern and Tap on Urbanspoon

Saturday was spent cleaning, before heading to Tropicana Field to watch the Rays game, with a post concert of one of my all time faves; One Republic. I've been to four baseball games in the last two weeks, and have had a blast! Three of the four games, we've won.

One Republic set-up

House of Blues {Orlando} 2012 for One Republic 

Sunday morning, I decided it was time to splurge and buy myself a Kuerig. The coffee maker we receievd as a wedding gift finally died {I loved that thing!}, and to get by, I spent $30.00 on a cheapie until I decided what to do next. Coffee paraphernalia is no joke for a fiend like me, and so after looking for a replacement like the one we had before, I discovered the Kuerig I wanted was actually $50.00 less. I took that as a sign. It was clearly meant to be.

But when I told Jason, he mentioned we needed a new knife set, which we did, and so Sunday inadvertently turned into the day we spent too much money, on things we actually did need. Grown-up problems? We had been putting things off to buy because we were sure we'd buy a house this year, and since we decided to hold off, there are some things we desperately needed! It felt weird, and good blowing money like that, but we had it in savings and we never splurge, so there you go. I want to try ALL the k-cup samples, but I don't feel like blinking colors, so I'll have to pace myself.

Such an adult purchase
We have a weird week of busy coming up, and so I am not meal planning much, but I do have loads of leftovers from last night's Sunday Supper. Get my ground chicken burrito bowls, here!

How was your weekend?!


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  1. I love new kitchen things. I am totally adult in that regard!

    And kid in that I'll take a side of tater tots ANY TIME.

    Fun weekend!

  2. If you want those caramel vanilla k-cups I have, stop by this week and they're yours!

  3. Shopping, good beer, great food - I love this weekend post :) My kind of weekend.

  4. You have been busy busy! Yay for your keurig! I won mine a couple years ago. I actually bought a reusable filter so I can use whatever coffee I want. And it's cheaper :)

  5. Those were good purchases. I'm sure you'll get your money's worth in no time with a good morning cup o' Joe!

  6. So jealous of the One Republic concert! I want to see them SO bad! One of my favorites also!

  7. I'd rather have new kitchen appliances than...well, a lot of things non-grown ups like to buy. ;) Looks like a fun weekend!!

  8. Awesomeeeeee. I would like a crab burger right about now. I got the Cuisinart version of a Keurig as a wedding gift and I love it! I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I make vanilla chai and green teas all the time with it.

  9. I love our Keurig! I buy the Green Mountain Blueberry K-cups from Amazon and they are pretty cheap and SOOO good. We also have a few of the reusable filter cups to make whatever we want in our machine (also scored on Amazon).

  10. The food from Brickhouse Tavern looks awesome! I love my Kuerig so I'm pretty sure you won't regret that purchase :-)

  11. Love kitchen shopping :) Sounds like a fun weekend. Enjoy your busy week

  12. I want a Keurig! It's on my wish list...maybe I'll get one for Christmas!

    You certainly did have a busy weekend. Looks like fun. And I've never seen tater tots at a restaurant (besides Sonic!!)

    1. I hardly ever see tots either, so I definitely had to order!

  13. Yay you will love your Keurig!!!

  14. Oh yes grown up purchases! When we bought our first fancy vaccuum we were beaming with pride how lame lol We got our Keurig for our wedding too it hasn't bit the dust yet! ::knock on wood::