Monday, April 8, 2013


As our two year wedding anniversary approaches {tomorrow. where has this time gone?!}, I am reminded that I love the living Hell out of my husband. Not that I really forgot that little detail of our lives, but sometimes...

Life gets in the way. Mundane tasks get distract us. School, work, the name it, the Crews' in Casa de, falls by the wayside, at times. That is normal. That is marriage, sometimes too, I suppose.

This weekend, when we should have celebrated our two year wedding anniversary, we went south to Hollywood, Florida for a wedding. Lots of friends' came in from out of town and a wonderful time was had.

{my chauffeur for life}

From drinks, card games and a late night pizza run with friends...

To love, laughter, dancing and more drinking with the man I love oh, so much.

{I never get tired of this}

The couple who were married are just the loveliest people. Their love reminded me of my own wedding day, not so long ago...

This weekend, we saw old friends, made new ones and for me, really felt {re}connected with that husband of mine. Sometimes, I forget how much he loves me {I am one emotionally needy chick, but I digress}.

Sometimes, it takes someone else's happiness and love to remind you just how damn lucky you are and how much sparkle you and your husband truly have.

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  1. Love weddings so much! Hope you guys had a great 2nd anniv too :-)

  2. Woo coming up on 2 years! wow time has flown. Glad you guys had fun down south.

  3. Glad y'all had fun! Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary!

  4. looks like fun :) Also congrats on your anniversary

  5. I love dates that remind you why you fell in love :)

  6. AHH! happy 2 years! it's almost our 2 year anniversary too!!

  7. Yes, you are totally right! My husband and I will be married two years in August and sometimes you do get so caught up in stupid day-to-day crap (like whose turn it is to make the bed or let the dogs out) that you forget about this stuff!

  8. awww happy 2 year anniversary! the wedding sounds so fun :)

    - Val @

  9. Happy anniversary eve!

    It's so true, life gets in the way of realizing how awesome your mate and your marriage are sometimes.

  10. so sweet! happy anniversary!