Friday, March 8, 2013

Sometimes, you just gotta...

Life is great, kids. I haven't updated anyone on actual life at Casa de Crews in a while, so I thought I would share.

Husband is way busy with school, and I am way busy...not in school {ha ha}, but with everything else and well while I do see Jason, we haven't spent loads of quality time together, and sometimes we're lucky if to snuggle on the couch or have dinner together. Then if we do have time for any of that, we're exhausted!

Last Saturday night, we went to a late dinner at Outback {I had a gift card, thankyouverymuch} and had every intention of going to play pool afterward on a date. But we discovered the pool hall we like {the only non smoking one, I know if in Tampa, Barley's} was packed. So we went home, turned on some SNL and...passed out. We are lame {old, and tired}. I used to be the girl that would just never stay in on a weekend night. I was so dumb, then.

I feel extremely guilty sometimes not fulfilling my wifely "duties" {rawr} and I miss my husband in general.
{an oldie, but goodie. A party in '09}
So then I get an email invite from the mister requesting a date, tonight. No couch sleeping allowed.

Sometimes, I guess we have to schedule such things in life. Seems silly but I was so happy when I saw the invite. That man knows how to make me laugh and remind me that he still thinks of me even when he's busy.

How do you make time for your significant other?



  1. Man I love Outback! We "schedule" date nights sometimes too don't feel old lol :)

  2. We have to schedule dates too! Otherwise we don't plan for it, and we end up just being tired and crashing on the couch. I think it's pretty normal when you grow up, get married, get busy with jobs/etc. to have to schedule time for each other. Better than NOT! :)

  3. You're man is pretty darn sweet =D We actually don't have a problem at the moment spending time together since we don't do anything on the weekdays. Our problem right now is snuggly time because I am so exhausted after 6. LoL

  4. I totally understand. My husband is still in school and between that and both of our jobs we are hard pressed for together time. We schedule date night and try to stick to it. Hell, we even have to schedule time for other things wink wink.haha

  5. I've been very lucky that Brian and I have almost identical work schedules, which includes every weekend and evening together. We actually have to make time with our friends so that we're not always around each other!