Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sicky Nikki

So last week, I hurt my back. This week, the back is better, but now I'm sick. Like a cold or flu, or some gross ish. Awesome. So far 2013 hasn't been the healthiest. Wahhhh, someone call the wambulance for me.
Tea, OJ, my nook and the boob tube. Sickie necessities...Don't judge my messy table


  1. the flu has been AWFUL! feel better girl!

  2. Oh no, sorry your sick. Hopefully February will be much nicer to you!

  3. feel better soon! I swear it feels like the entire country has been sick this month, on and off. It's crazy!

    Val @

  4. OH NO! Hope you are better ASAP!

    I sent you a blog award-check out my latest post!

    Have a fabulous weekend!