Sunday, January 6, 2013

Remember Me?!

Oh hai. Nichole here; remember me? The girl who used to blog a lot, then a little, then like never?

I took an unintentional break {again} from blogging. Oops. I took a small mental break initially because I haven't been in the best of places and my every day life seemed drab and not worth sharing. Then things got better and life just became BUSY and there was no time to post and/or catch up with my pals in the blogopshere. And I miss it. I miss my friends here too.

So I'm back, hoping to post more, share more and...connect more.

Some randoms:

Christmas was awesome! My parents bought their very first house this past November and J, the pups and I stayed the night on Christmas Eve and woke up Christmas morning there and had our own lil' Christmas in the morning before doing the family thing an hour later {do you follow me on Instagram? I haven't been absent there! NikkiC1284)

{Lovely and unexpected gifts from my mister!}

{delish sangria at mom and dad's}

New Years Eve was uneventful, but that's because we flew to Las VEGAS on January 1st for my birthday (Jan 2nd)..more on Vegas later.

This whole C25K has been a bust for me. Thanks to Emilee, Jessica and Meghan for checking on me though, your support meant a lot! I will start back up again! Basically I need to make exercise of any kind a priority if I ever expect to see any type of result in the future. Again, more on that later.

I started reading The Happiness Project. I love it. It is inspiring me in big ways, people.

I joined my first gym in about three or so years....

I hope to be back soon. We just flew home yesterday and this jet lag has been kicking my ass, majorly. Tonight, we're celebrating my birthday with the fam AND my parents wedding anniversary. Tomorrow, its back to reality {and work}...



  1. I've wanted to read that book, good to hear you love it.
    Those earrings are stunning!

  2. i still remember you!!! :) I love your gifts! couch to 5k was a bust for me too. My ankles/shins couldn't take it so i'm sticking with fast walking and zumba!!!

  3. I'm glad you're back!
    I just started The Happiness Project too and I'm loving it. It's inspiring me in big ways also :)

    Happy Birthday!

  4. happy birthday! the earrings you got for Christmas are gorgeous! :-)

  5. Yay glad you are back & had an awesome birthday & Christmas :-) Those gifts from your hubby are so gorgeous & that sangria looks so good!

  6. I can't wait to hear all about Vegas!!

  7. beautiful gifts!! Hope vegas was AMAZING! Can't wait to hear about it!

  8. I want to read the Happiness Project!