Monday, September 3, 2012

No Laboring around here, today!

Happy Labor Day, ya'll! I hope you're all relaxing and not working, today! I have SO much to share with you but I'll just show you the cliff notes version, for now!

Went to my first ever food truck rally, on Friday--it was SO fun (and tasty!)

had an ah-mazing lunch with hubs, my sister in-law and her mister at Brio...

We expanded our fur family!

Today, I'm doing a whole lot o' nothing! I hope to catch a movie, play with our newest baby and if I can persuade Jason, I'm hoping he'll fire up the grill!


What are your  Labor Day plans, today?



  1. Yumm to both wicked wiches and brio! I love brio, and I follow WW on facebook and want to try it sometime! And I'm so jealous you got a new puppy!! I want one so so so much! I pet sit last week and giving him up was so hard.

  2. congrats on your new puppy! soo cute :-)

  3. Your new pup is sooo cute, congrats!! Have a great day :-)

  4. congrats on your new puppy! having two is so much fun :)

  5. That pasta looks amazing!
    And I feel bad for those who are near their due date today. Labor day jokes must get awfully old.

  6. EEK! A new puppy! Congrats! Also, that pasta looks amazing! Happy Day!

  7. That pasta looks amazing!!

    Loving your sweet new family addition, so cute!

  8. I've only had Wicked 'Whiches one time, but it was sooo good. I definitely want to go back and I hope to make it to a Food Truck Rally one of these days. Also, your new pup is cute!

  9. *Wicked Wiches...I knew something was off about the spelling the first time. Fail.

  10. Your puppy is just too cute! I keep on telling the hubby we need to get another too!