Thursday, February 2, 2012

Husbands and "Hobbies"

Sooo I don't think I've made it any kind of secret that I love trashy reality tv. I love stuff like the Real Housewives of...anywhere.  Anything else on Bravo, TLC, A&E and the like.

Actually some "reality" ish I like, isn't even trashy. Have you seen Pit Boss? I hadn't until we took Gigi to the vet for some routine vaccines and I was fascinated. What about American Hoggers? Surprisingly, we caught that show the night before my sister's wedding. We were in the hotel room hanging out and discovered a pay per view flick was sixteen bucks, and so a reality show about a family of hog catchers, it was. Everyone else went to sleep and I watched three episodes alone.


My husband will watch some of these shows with me. And he likes Pawn Stars, Storage Wars and things like that. But more than anything, he appeases me by watching these "shows" with me. And sometimes, when he could care less about helping this tv junkie get her "fix", he'll go to the spare room we have with a 32" tube tv and let me watch my shows on our big ol' flat screen (thanks, J).

I guess reality tv is my hobby (I'm kind of pathetic sad, huh?). Jason doesn't have any real big hobbies. He likes all things sports, trivia and the occasional video game (I'm sure he wished he had more time for all of this stuff) but the one thing he is really into is, wrestling.

Ya'll, have you ever watched WWE? I have some very strong opinions about some of But my husband (rarely) teases me about my shows and he calls wrestling his "stories" and since I have mine, how can I really judge?

But seriously, Ima just put this picture here
{Brodus Clay a.k.a. The Funkasaurus (huh?)}

There are a few other interesting characters but everytime this particular dude comes out adancin', I want to die of laughter.

 Just in case you were bored and wanted to see for yourself....

But I can't tease. Because my husband watches Teen Mom 2 with me, lets me watch Tori & Dean, and quietly goes in the other room when I put Mob Wives on.

That's love, ya'll. True freakin' love.

Also, he's (clearly) a better spouse than I am.... 


  1. OMG My hubby also loves WWE and he made me watch this guy the other night, hilarious I was dying laughing, especially when he "jiggles" LOL! :-)

  2. omg I loved WWF as a kid but as an adult, just like you, I can only stand back and say WT-huh-F!
    btw- were those crocheted body suits??
    ps I love Tori and Dean! (only reality show I watch!)

  3. Oh my goodness!! I haven't watched WWE, but I guess the bachelor and those dumb shows are JUST as bad... haha

    I'm obsessed with Bravo, Bethenny Ever After is my FAVORITE.

  4. We watch WWE in this house too! That guy is too much but those girls with him can dance!!!

  5. Hah! Reality TV is definitely more my hobby than my husband's. I have gotten him into Jersey Shore though. :)

  6. Girrrl, I know what you're going through! My husband loves WWE too, so I watch it far more than I'd like (though sometimes he's sweet enough to go watch in the other room). My husband calls it his male soap opera, which is very similiar to "stories". At least he doesn't criticize your love of trashy reality TV--it's too much fun!