Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birthday Recap

Soooo it occurred to me that I never filled ya'll in on my amazing 28th birthday celebration, did I? Do you want to hear about it? Well, you're going to anyways ;)

I wanted to start 2012 off right! My only requirement for my birthday shindig was that it was a chill day (had a few stressful ones in the past). Since my actual birthday fell on a Monday, I decided to celebrate a day early with a New Years Day brunch including any and all of my friends who wanted to come out (and weren't hungover from NYE festivities!).

We hit up Kelly's in Dunedin. It's like 15 miles away but I love this town. There are shops, restaurants, and bars along Main St. and the weather was per-fect. We had to wait an hour for our table (it was Sunday, NYD and there were 13 of us, after all!) so what did we do? Hit up the bar, naturally.

{Hanging and waiting}

I had some "genius" idea I should have a bloody mary instead of mimosas because most places, skimp on the champagne and I wanted to get my (well, Jason's) money's worth. Two reasons why this was a bad idea: My Bloody Mary was strong and also, it was too spicy for me. Oh, wait and thirdly: I was drinking vodka on an empty stomach...Oops.

I decided I needed to switch to mimosas after that:

Gave the bff a new calender while we waited:
{Getting in touch with your Inner Bitch}

             After an hour + wait, we were finally seated!
 The restaurant gave ginormous cinnamon bun that some us shared. It was so  good

After brunch, we perused Main St for further shenanigans. It was past 2pm at this point and a few friends and I wanted more drinks and since it was my birthday (sorta) and we had nothing else planned for the day, I thought that sounded like a perfect idea...

We ended up at The Dunedin Smokehouse. This place was awesome! We sat outside, ordered some drinks and watched football.

{Oh hey, more drinks!}
The Smokehouse is also dog friendly (totally bringing Geeg next time!) annnd they had corn hole and various board games you could play. We opted for Connect 4 and Jenga...

Monday, for my actual birthday, I had planned to take myself to Sbux with my nook color and chill, but that  didn't happen. I had a killer sinus headache (boo) but luckily, the headache passed in time for dinner at the parentals.

Since my birthday is 8 days after Christmas, I normally get jipped on gifts (since we're all ba-roke). BUT not this year! Since I got my nook color at Christmas from the hubs, I got over $140 B&N gift cards! Cha-Ching...

I also got two new covers!
    From my mom

...and Jason's mom

Oh! And the super sweet Krystal sent me some fun birthday ish as well--thanks, girl!
{Vera Bradley Photo Book and an Argyle Sweater Calander}
I had a wonderful  birthday and it was exactly what I wanted this year--if my 28th birthday/beginning of 2012 is any indication as to how this year is going to be, then!


  1. I miss Dunedin SO MUCH! Most places will let you bring your pups down there! The Smokehouse is pretty sweet. I'm so glad Kelly's worked out for you! For some reason, I'm addicted to their Cajun cheesy potatoes as a side for breakfast. YUM! I should be returning home VERY soon and VERY often ;)So we will have to hang out! Glad you liked your little surprise!

  2. Sounds like you had a great birthday! I love Kelly's brunch.... Mmm eggs benedict.

  3. What a great day! =) Happy belated birthday!!

    megs [at] Shine On & Skinny Up

  4. That sounds like the perfect birthday...I am so glad you had fun!

    I love your new nook cover...might have to go check one out for myself!

  5. Looks like an awesome birthday, the mimoasa YUM wish I had one now haha :-) Love your Nook covers too so cute!