Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mice, nieces and fondue...Oh my!

This past weekend flew by. Let me back up a bit and say last week I had a terrible cold that left me doped on cold meds (no lie, I forgot what I was buying at Publix and wandered the store a good three minutes before I realized what I had went in for. Oy) and a tad cranky (sorry, Jason). So anyways, by Thursday I was feeling better, but not 100%. At about 7:30, Jason took Gigi out for a walk before our friends came over to watch the USF game (where we got our booties handed to us, but I still have faith. Go Bulls!). I was all alone and going to the kitchen to get some water (a side effect from cold ish; a dry mouth. Ugh) when I saw something scurry under the fridge. I should let ya’ll know up front I absolutely all things BUGS! I mean like I get into a drama queen mode and everything embarrassing, so needless to say I was not looking forward to what was about to come…I got closer to the fridge to realize it was not a bug, but...a mouse! A real mouse! OMG, what do I do?! Well, what do you think I did? I ran to the couch and called hubs to get home. He did and Mickey was nowhere to be found! By this time, a few guys were over for the game and they didn’t see the mouse, either. They assured me mouse probably got lost looking for food and was long gone and probably scared by my incessant screaming. They all said I was overreacting. Psssh, I swear I had never seen a mouse before in my life like that and it scared me to death!

Friday was an exciting day! Jason’s niece had her baby, and they were both doing well. This is her third baby (hoping the last for a bit, we’re running out of room to babysit!) so she knew the drill, so to speak. Hubs and I planned to go Saturday to meet our newest niece, but relaxed Friday night. Nothing too exciting in the evening and at about 11:30, J took Gigi for her last walk of the night (do you notice he primarily takes her for walks? I really love that guy). I took a shower and brushed my teeth. As I was brushing my teeth, something brushed against my leg. I thought it was Gigi, until I looked down and saw nothing there. You can imagine my horror when I realized THE MOUSE WAS BACK!! Why did it keep coming out when only I was in the apartment?! (I assume it sensed Gigi and wasn’t coming out when she was there) I screamed and jumped on the bed (toothbrush in hand). Jason came flying in thinking someone had attacked me (nope, sorry just your wife acting a foo’). Long story short: Hubs ran to Walmart at midnight to buy traps and by Saturday morning, Mickey was "taken care of"…If I never see another mouse again, it will be too soon!

Saturday, we met our new niece, Annalyse Rene, and boy did I love her. I mean she didn’t do anything besides sleep but still…the urge to have one of my own is getting kind of loud lately…

Annalyse Rene & Aunt Nichole

Uncle Jason is a pro at holding babies <3

Then in the evening, Jason and I had some friends over for fondue! These same friends got us the fondue set for our wedding and we wanted to try it out with them. I planned to make a cheese one with veggies and bread but all of the recipes I found, called for super expensive cheeses and for just four of us, it seemed a little pricey for a night in. Thanks to my sister, she gave me a very easy classic cheese recipe and it went over well! I meant to take photos but forgot and we all ate it too fast. It was also pretty low carb so win-win all around.

And that was about it! This week I have ran around after work every night to plan my sister’s bridal shower that is on Sunday (and also our six month wedding anniversary!) and get everything done. I can’t wait to share all the details we have for that!


  1. OMG i had 2 mice this week. We spent over $50 for traps, steel wool, moth balls and containers. So far we have no more. Traps were a success. Although I feel awful for killing anything:( I cried.

  2. I know, right?! Ugh, hopefully neither of us will be seeing any soon!